PeopleINT is born on “International Friendship Day”(01-Aug-2010) to improve People’s lives with help of Internet, thereby creating a better world !

The Goal
PeopleINT’s fundamental goal is to bring all People above “poverty line” all over the world & sustain it

The Motto
“Connecting People for Collective Growth”
“Together We Can” !
“Powered by Internet, Driven by People”
“One People, One World”
“People’s Innovations to create a better world”

The Connection
PeopleINT is eager to connect the gap between People, Government, Businesses & non-profits for everyone’s benefit

The Aim
PeopleINT’s fundamental aim is to connect everyone’s good thoughts & good intentions to turn into productive actions, sustainable & scalable results

The Idea
The No:1 fundamental Idea of PeopleINT is “to do the Most Good in least time with resources we have”

The Reach
PeopleINT is not specific for a single society or single region or single nation or just for human beings but its for all living organism in the world, “INT” also means International

The Inspiration & Status of being Non-Profit initiative
PeopleINT is inspired by Wikipedia & its contribution to the world’s intellectual growth & democratization of knowledge, PeopleINT wishes to grow itself as Intellectual organisation like Wikipedia so everyone can find it useful. PeopleINT is a non-profit initiative like Wikipedia

Its about People, not about few Individuals’
PeopleINT will never be about few individual(s) in world, its actually people’s movement by interconnecting our Good thoughts for a Good Cause

Acronym of PeopleINT
People’s Innovations, INTerConnecting People with help of Internet, Intelligence & with International Reach for Mutual Benefit & Collective Growth, its People INTeractions, Inspiration, Information

Top-2 Principles/Concepts of PeopleINT
1) “Non-Violence” Concepts by Gandhi to solve any issue
2) “Love, Affection, Care” concepts by Mother Teresa while working with others to solve any issue

The Focus on Children Education
PeopleINT’s one of the main focus is to reform Children Education
with best possible efforts with help of Technology & Internet

The Target Audience
PeopleINT basically aims to improve lives of People below “economic poverty line” who lack basic human needs such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing, shelter.

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