Professor C K Prahalad on fortune at the bottom of pyramid

“Approx 5 billion people are below the regard screen of
large organised sector including MNCs. So the question is
what if we turn these five billion people into active micro-consumers
and micro-producers so they can effectively engage in global commerce
and get the benefits of global commerce.

When these 5 billon are mobilised & organised, this could be
engine of enormous growth around the world and the companies
would benefit, therefore they will do well, at the same time it would
dramatically improve the quality of life and access to goods & services
and certainly the capacity of getting a better livelihood”

Professor C K Prahalad on co-creation & benefits of co-operation between
corporations & ngos in their efforts to reach the bottom of the pyramid

“Large companies in order to access the bottom of the pyramid consumers
and also to mobilize them as producers of goods & services, needs to get
the benefits of an ngos where local knowledge & local trust so both of them
now seeing the value in convergence between global standard, global knowledge,
global scale and local trust, local understanding and local responsibility”

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