one day shutdown of reliance vs fb

October 3, 2013

Can the US produce a Dhirubhai Ambani? There are two reasons behind asking this question.

  1. The impact and the importance of the impact: I consider Dhirubhai far ahead of Zuckerberg in terms of the impact he created. Yes I agree that if you look at the number of people influenced Mark is way ahead of Ambani but if you consider the importance the equations change drastically. "What if facebook were to shut for a day?" and "What happens if Reliance industries were to shut for a day?". I hardly see any change in the first case (probably you will have to wait for one more day to upload your picture). But at least a million people would not have their meal in the second case.This is called impact.
  2. The background and the social conditions: A CSE student from Harvard and a not so educated Indian. Need I say more?

So coming to your question India has already produced many Zuckerbergs, in fact many innovators and businessmen far better than Zuckerberg.

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