The no:1 stupidest quote of sridhar vembu

September 30, 2013

The no:1 stupidest quote of sridhar vembu

April 25, 2013

Friends ,

today i was reading "10 Stupidest Quotes Ever Said By Smartest Tech Personalities"

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i believe below quote is no:1 stupidest quote of my leader sridhar vembu

because if we don’t know clearly about our future, then the extinction of our mother earth will become inevitable

– Manoj

svembu said

"Consider the road ahead for the company: where would our company be in 2015, or 2020? Is it possible to predict that with any level of certainty? How successful is ManageEngine going to be in replacing the big 4? How are we going to do in the service provider market? How successful is Zoho going to be against Salesforce or Google or Microsoft? How well would our medical initiatives work? Let us narrow it down further. How well is Zoho Meeting going to do? How well is IT360 going to do? Do we know? Can we know? Can any company know?

Does Microsoft know if they are going to ever capture the search market from Google? Does Google know if they are going to take away the Office market from Microsoft? Does Apple know if their iPhone and iPad will remain as the dominant platforms in 2015?"

– sridhar vembu

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