PeopleINT completes 8-yrs this week 2018aug, Originally introduced on national-friendship-day august-first-sunday on 2010aug, As name suggests, peopleINT means people’s initiatives for good, particularly for universal-peace-sustainability UPS,

In 2010, when peopleint introduced, earth’s peoples population was 6.9-billion, now in 2018aug, its 7.7-billion, This shows good-peoples have increased in world in this 8-yr time, but such growth must continue without downfall in future also, & for this, lets work together more & better !

Also, the big problems in world have caused problems for peoples in world, particularly the syrian-war since 2011, chelyabinsk-meteor in 2013feb15, etc; We must work harder to minimise problems & maximimise good-life for all in world in longer-run !

The two main notable things happened in these 8-yrs are “sustainable development goals in 2015” & paris-climate-agreement in 2015

PeopleINT, from day one, till now, is non-profit, As peoples are owners & leaders of it, Its upto us to decide what kind of world we must build for our children & future-generations, Its upto us to upvote & uphold & carry forward, the great-standards set by our ancestors/predecessors, its upto us to show the world that compassion is more valuable & sustainable than currency,

peopleINT today, has physically-living-people only from 20th & 21st-century, We must work responsibly to promote the good-ideas/ideals given by our long history of ancestors since founding of universe & earth. The peoples of past till 19th-century may not be physically with us today, but their good-works & good-guidance are with us, which inspire us to do more for long-time betterment in our only home universe,

Lets try to be good-successors to our good-predecessors, & lets try to be good-predecessors to our successors; Thank you, Together lets work as one universal family


Manoj Than




Founding of UN – dream of freedom for all – prayer service at ship – atlantic charter 1941aug10


introducing – UN

May 15, 2015

When we started PeopleINT in Aug-2010, we had a simple mission : “to reduce problems” – because Bill gates told in harvard speech –  “Reducing inequity is highest human achievement”

In last four-years, we saw “Chelyabinsk meteor 15-feb-2013” as most important problem which can destroy entire earth, so we trying to improve our work in this area

We lost domain recently, but there are million other way to reduce problems in earth which we will continue pursuing with passion

We request you feedback, criticism, volunteerism, contributions in this journey of reducing problems in earth